Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things don't happen for a reason. They just happen

Well, above explains why i failed to update my blog recently. Sometimes u dont need excuse. It just happens. In my case, i dont owe anyone explanation.. It just me.. Being myself.. Lazy, pretended to be fully occupied that make the words
"lazy" is not my middle name. sigh..

Well, despites that, i am bit occupied. Just started my business recently. Nothing big, but the times consumed just limit my time from doin this blog. (just i created anor excuse? hahaha). Im not doin this alone. Got a great partner in business (2nd after my hubby.. yup.. im so married :) ). Luckily i was meant to have Yat as my bus partner. Got the chance to learn a lot bout how to manage a bus (although it just a small one). Got to admit that she's good at what she's doin. Unlike me, who has no imagination, im just adopting, adapting with all ideas and tried to make it as if it was mine. Seriously.. do u think that my tag "the girl with no imagination" was created for nothin? serious peeps.. im one of the people in the world who does not have that much imagination. It is easier to copy any idea and tried to suit the ideas just like yours.. No originality requires. But i do learn from some experience that at least can taught me what is wrong and was is right in life decision making.

Well, im bit happy wit this idea of blogging in the net. But..... im still stuck on how to post photos in this blog of mine? Arggghhh.. Yes, i know its easy. But somehow it just dont work with me. tried couples of times.. But i am hopeless.. sigh.. Shall get my hubby advise on how to do this soon.

Well, cant wait for this weekend. i missed baking. Baking is currently my no. 1 passion. Sooo inspired by so many bakers that i found in the net. Recently i came cross to this one wonderful blog of Su-Yin a Chinese Malaysian students in Sydney who is soooooooo talented with the art of baking. U can find hundreds of cakes that she bake.. Beyond imagination.. Wonderful and superb! Im most attracted to the cupcakes that she bake recently (in conjunction with Msia 50th Merdeka Anniversary). It was beautifuly created. Sooooooo envy loh!!!!! If interested, u can check this blog.. Super duper cool!!!!!!!

So, my latest project to accomplish is to bake Papi's birthday cuppies as requested by her beloved wife.. Asking for alphabets cuppies and man u's cuppies!!!!!!!! Alphabet, im good.. But man u????? Demmit! Well, as said early, THINGS DONT HAPPEN FOR A REASON. THEY JUST HAPPEN..

Now i can sit back and laugh...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Its the 3rd Day of Ramadhan

Ramadhan.. Among all months in the Muslim Calender, this is one of the most look forward month of all. Ramadhan is tooo special in many ways.. Byk sgt perkara yg boleh diberkati di bulan Ramadhan. This what i was thought since i was a kid.

Sahur, Imsak time, Berbuka, Terawih, Moreh and the list can go on and on.. Thats are the few activities that people attend during this Wonderful Ramadhan. Its time to cleanse your soul, be a good Muslim, perform your duty as Allah's creature (which this does not limited in Ramdhan only ;) ). No swearing, bitching, talking bad.

Its also a good month to start on new diet regime. Im battling myself for all the temptations, eating good foods esp foods dats only became sooooooooo famous when fasting month came. How am i supposed to resist that ayam percik, murtabak, lompat tikam, roti jala, nasi kerabu, laksam and more?????? argghhhhhh.. got to keep my mind straight! And thats tough la...

So, at the 3rd day of Ramdhan, i paid visit to anor Pasar Ramadhan. This time it is at Tmn Tenaga Cheras. The foods are typical. Same ol' same ol'... Managed to capture few scene and the food images..

My Very 1st Blog!!!!!!!


Wuhhh.. this is my very 1st time writing a blog. And why on earth im doing it now? Me myself dont have the answer. Maybe im just inspired by all d blogs that ive read for the past 2 months. Honestly the reason why i dont do blog is because i was not born as a writer. But after some thoughts, what the heck? Whos gonna read mine? im no celebrity. no one would feel interested to read my thoughts. im free to say anything that i want.. to express watever i have in dis mind.. and dat sounds soooooo intriguing and made me so tempted to have my very own blog! hahaha...

So. im wishin myself very good luck and hope il write religiously.

We'll see deby... :)