Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's ACTION time!

"deb, gym 2nite? me and ahtan goin to cyber tonite. jom?"

"huh? gym? myra ada?" (wtf? gym? ages dah i meninggalkan gym ni!)

so, last 2 nite, me and my neighbours went to Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya's gymnasium. i was induced to go thinking ill be meeting baby gurl. tapi.... tipah tertipu! myra takde pun. darn...
but dengan berat hati, berbekalkan my dslr i joined them to gym. my objective that nite, nak amik gambar jerrrrrrrr...

"u jgn beria sgt tau deb. make sure u warm up 1st, k?" pesan adib

"oh ok. tapi i mmg takmo buat beria sgt. 1st nite kan? takut urat terperanjat"
(wtf? beria? u must be joking deebo.. hahaha)

so that nite i memang tak beria sangat, but the machines is so tempting.. end up i tried all d machines. under supervision ahtan obviously. (tu pun he came up and down checking on me n his wifey... takut i beria sgt kot? hahahha..)

but guess wat? it was hell fun!!!!!!!! i love the threadmill (though i only lasted for 15mins, tak habis pun beginner training.. hahaha)

i was quite impressed with the equipments they have here. agak complete jugak. at least there's a place we can sweat with minimal fee. only rm5 per entry. that's quite cheap aight?

of all, i love this cycle regime. plus point cause u actually can lean your body and it made less painful. hahaha.. i completed the Heart Rate exercised and burned bout 50 cal. that's already 2 pieces of Oreos! pergghhh.. gempak siut.. hehehhe (padahal an hour before i go, i stuffed myself with a big portion of nasi kerabu!!! hahaha..) i guess to burn the all bad calories in me will take agessssssss....

i also love this big machine. this big gadget could help you to get great abs. but what u need is determination and strength to pull the weight! but to me takyah lah great abs sgt. to wear off this spare tyres pun da bagus dah. wakakaka..

truth is, i really had good time here! it's like entering a hell but end result was great. i felt good. feel bit lighter...

muka kami2 yg puas.. check out the sweats!

but noooooooo.. it's all temporary. there goes my effort when we later decided to let go that great feeling by sipping a cup of teh tarik after the long hardworking nite.

and yes dib, i blame u for that! :p

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The recent technologies achievement have benefited human kind. Things are easier new with the new technology called the Net. Unlike in some countries, Malaysian had to subscribe to certain net provider in order to use this facilities. For personal user, i have to say that's our local Net provider is ain't cheap. (to be compared with the Japanese and the Americans).

Since they are many Net provider recently, most Malaysians had the option to choose to subscribe the best Net provider. Devastatingly ive said, most of them did not deliver what they've promised to the consumer as advertised in various medias.

I was once a Streamyx user (provided by our local big giant telco namely Telekom). If i were to grade them, i have to give my honest opinion that their service is not even up to my expectation. not that i have very high expectation but if as a user u have to face the disconnecting of service for most of the days of the month, obviously your patience wud running low. It doesnt stop there. The customer service was even worst! Your complaints would only be heard after you have to listen to their 5 mins promos before you can even talked to the customer service!!! WTF!!!!!

It's even shittier when i moved to my new home here in Puncak Jalil. I was told that our portal (like i know what doors they wanna used) for streamyx here is fully taken. Hmmm.. i wonder whether they have not properly survey how many houses ar here in PUJ that might subscribe to their service. Wasn't it a bad judgmet???? And pls, dont let me start with their billing process. Though as to date, my home was never been installed by Streamyx, our bills are keep on coming! When ever lah i had the privilliged pakai streamyx kat PUJ pun i tak tahulah. Im sooooo fucking clueless.

And pls do not jump to your conclusion, i indeed had called and went to Kedai telekom with a missionto terminate my current account. Somehow, they had succesfully induced us not to do so as we were told that should we want to subscribe as new user, very much difficulties might occured. In facts it will only costs me more. I was assured by the staff that it is better for us to be in the waiting list and shud there's extra portal in the future, they would again installed the Stremyx. meanwhile, we were also assured that they would no charge us during the waiting period as obviously since we arent able to use the facilities, why would they charge us? But hellllllllll nooooooooooo.. As i said that the bills are keep coming in and this buat i rasa lagi sakit hati!!!!!!!

Ok.. that was streamyx issue. I now have no other option but to subscribe Maxis Broadband. The only thing i like about Maxis Bband was the doggle given was rather simple, mobile and petite. It can fix in any handbags! But ths serviceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Adoih!!!!! Sabar jela. Very lah la..la..la.. nya!!! So lembab!!! And it's expensive.. and i cant do P2P thingy, cant dload from torrent etc. i know there's way to do it but im rather not interested to waste my time and space to download all softwares that cud make dat possible... Maxis service memang macam haram!!!!! And please, please GOD do not let me start commenting on their marketing tagline.. Mau makan berhari2 tak habis nanti. :(

And now there's Wiggy@Wimax. I heard the speed is 10 times better than Maxis, Celcom etc. But thennnnnnnnn as i checked this morning, my area are still not within their service area. Macam G.A.M.P.A.N.G!!!!!!! Amik kooooooo.. Adehhhhhhh penat betul la!

So what are the choices left for me now????? Maybe i just shud sit in one corner and start cursing till i became very exhausted.

As i quote Patrick Teoh's tagline "NIAMAH!!!!"

Monday, June 8, 2009


i completed my SPM in the year of 1995. immediately after, i was offered to do my degree in UM. went there for a week, tapi rescued by Papa coz dia tau im not happy there. n guess where's my next destination? MSMKL. Buat apa? Amik A-Level! yeeeeeehaaaaa......

So, MSMKL i went. Tempat itu sgtlah sadisnya!!!!!! Well, the college was great. but.. the hostel are sucks! i have my own reason why i said this. my hostel then was actually parking building turned hostel. bayangkanlahhhhhhhhh.. it was cramped, stuffy and sooooooooooo old!

But that place changed my life! It defines me for what i am now. hm.. at least bit.. i really thank god for being there. it was one of my life's chapters that i really treasured.

i made friends there. true friends indeed. there i was introduced to these great bunch of peeps. i was put in this small room with 2 double deckers. my roomies, Jaja, Ayin, Syaz and me. guess what? all of them are Sri Amanians. later i found there were many Sri Amanians. like really ramai...

so we blended well. from that small group, i was introduced to the rest of them. end up they thought i was a Sri Amanian too. hehehe.. i went to that level where i picked on all Assuntarian n hated them just like Sri Amanian too. hahaha.. klaka kalo difikirkan.

later, from that crampy hostel, we were moved to Kenari Court Apartment. its about 10mins away. the college had provided us lrt card to all their students. so we commute from Pandan Indah to Shamelin by train everyday.

Staying at Kenari Court was the best part in MSM! I got the greatest housemates ever! There were 8 of us. 5 of them were Sri Amanians! the legacy continues.. there were Ayin, Jaja, Syaz, Aishah and Comot(the sri amanians), Nina from TTDI, Ija from Kedah and me. We were true buddies. Be there thru thick and thin, good and bad.

Ayin was the most sewel gurl in d house. She's like our lil baby. She can do the unthinkable but somehow she can also take a very good care of herself. God.. its sooooooo funny if u recalled wat she did during that college time. Clubbing everynite, sneaked in and out, got high... hahahahaha....... ayin..ayin... She brings tooooooooo many good moments in dat house. she's so manja and always got everything she wants. We somehow felt obligated to make her happy. Semua sanggup buat apa jer for her. She's d one who started the sisters calling. Along, angah, kakchik etc. Lekat pulak tu sampai skrg.. we really loves her!

Last Thursday Ayin tied the knot. it's like wooooooooooo.. finally.......finally there's somebody who's gonna take care of her. she's in good hand now. marrying iskandar wud be one of the best choice of her life. we areeeeeeeeeeeee so happy for her...

the eve where ayin is officially Mrs Iskandar

Ayin, congratulations! Along loves you. I wish the best for your life. and yes, it was the sweetest wedding ever. everything is beautiful! especially the fresh flowers bouquet that you can find in that house! from the entrance to the hantaran. i love it..love it.. really love it!

my favourite moment!

isnt she lovely?

finally gurl... felicitations!!!!!! muahsssssssss


p/s klik here if u wanna see how beautiful the wedding was. (^-^) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=83387&id=518638393&l=ccf3eb2fa4

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

C'est la vie

after a great weekend, somehow my world start to turn me down. after too much anticipation, it aint coming... it just never there. never...

ive been holding back.. but it aint easy. holding your tears was never easy. at least not to me. yup.. mum used to tell me that im a one drama queen. but i guess i know from whom i inherited it. and it must be u mum.

arghhh.. not only i have to bear the emptiness, the pain has just set in. seriously i hopes this wud only last for few days. to endure more pain is so unbearable.

the mixed feelings in me just killed me. coz its not easy, its never easy! trying to calm yourself and in the same time trying to deal with the pain, darn, that's hard!

Thank god, there's Humairah.. the lil angel.. who make me laugh.. who make me smile... tq Dib and Ahtan for your kindness in sharing her with the world. You guys just make someone's world feel brighter. I owe u for your kindness. Thank you so much!

but as i hold this words close to my heart, the Merciful Allah knows better... I verily belief He has better things for me. Patience is a virtue. Would it be there or not, is purely not within my power. It may take days, months or years but as hubby said, we shud never ever turn ourself down. The law of attractions is there. +ve vibes invite +ve outcome. Need to switch this kacau mental to normal setting again.. sigh...

And yes B, i thank you for being there, 24-7. I heart u with every beat of my heart.

And please sun keep on shining and yes sea please always rush to shore... for that is life...