Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad Remembered

i trust in Him.

He knows best.

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad

She was not only talented but also beautiful.

She went where no one dared.

Let her untimely death teach us about love, life, death


how one can laugh and cry at the same time.

May she rest in Jannah. Insya Allah...

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Best Sis Ever!

it's July. Soon would be my 3rd years Anniversary. I was di Ijab Kabulkan on 28/07/2006. After almost 11 years, we both decided to tied the knot. it's like a big FINALLY.. but last year, we didn't celebrate our Anniversary. And I have this strong feelings the same thing would happen again. Reason being; hubby is very busy with new hectic schedule. As ive been told, he got to many in hands that he himself is losing the skills to organize.. sigh...

But, last nite, this Beautiful had landed on my laps. The most shocking was because, it's not from Hubby. It was from my great sis.

"Happy 3rd Anniversary kakak.." that was uttered by her when she handed me the lovely box!

A Folli Follie?????????

this beautiful gift really complement my empty right finger.

i cant help but melompat sakan when i saw this ring. been eyeing for it for quite sometimes. and now it is officially mine! mine.. mine..mine!!!!!

im loving my new addition.

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i bet by now hubby dah rasa pressurenya. if my sis had put some efforts to remember OUR anniversary, takkan Hubby can afford doing nothing kan? kan? kan?

i love u kakdik! im the luckiest person on earth to have u as my sis!!!

love to the bits!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's like Penknife In Your Heart

this heart is aching.

it might failing.

anyone care to attend to its funeral?

pls RSVP!

Friday, July 10, 2009

such a fashion victim!!!!!

my name is Barbyy Gold-metal.

i hates the in thing"Gladiator" shoes!

too strappy, very hassle to wear

and you would not became a GLADIATOR just because you wearing it


i am eating my own words now..


i wanna have one..


i blame STEVE MADDEN for this!!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meet My Policious Babes!

they were bombastic! mind blowing (blasting as Peter Russel says..)

it has been ages since the last time i visited such places. but in the spirit of charity and devoted frenz who had promised to be the best supporter ever, i make an excuse to visit Modesto again. and this time at a new place, Capsquare.

my fellow KL Young Lawyers had organised a charity event where the proceed is tobe given to a selected Old Folks Home. charity money is to be collected based on the performance made by the lawyers. one of the performance is by The Policious Babes. the word policious is a combination of Pole and Delicious. indeed, they were true Policious babes..

consists of 3 babes, where all of them were proud wifey and mummy, the performance was bizarre. tak sangka they can really do pole dance. it was superb!!!!!! i was amazed and sensually aroused in the same time.. hahahaha (make me question my sexual preference). hahaha..

meet Eva. her ability to climb from below up and make a big swirl swing was fantastic!

the gurls managed to collect rm15k for the old folk homes. i bet most of the money came from all guys who was drooling with air liuh meleleh orrrrrr with hidung berdarah.. saw a chinese chap who was stunned by the performance, with his mouth wide open and snapping photos of them non stop!

meet Elektra. she was really electrifying! her splits and topsie turvy acts was damn hot!!!

meet my partner in crime, Lolita.. the name says it all. make u wanna tune to Sensual Seduction by Snoop immediately..

celebration moments. after the tiptop performance! guys, u are damn hot!!!

i am proud of you guys. it just that im not sure how are you gonna face the people in Courts later? hahahaha.. i bet the guys including judges would give more attention to you guys after this? perhaps, no more tough days in Court gurls? hehehehe...

Congrats Policious Babes!!!!!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Myra is 5 months now...

gurl dah besar...

meet her last weekend. she's grown taller, shed few kilos.. and bit cranky... the saddest part, she didnt recognised us anymore.. sedey...

i make a vow now that i shall meet her religiously. biarlah mak bapak dia marah ke apa.. hehehe..

and yes.. she's not amused by uncle nan's "humairahumairahumairahhhhh.." anymore. well, fret not, uncle nan had came up with greater nick for her.. "bobot" (ntah mak bapak dia appove or not, main sukati jer my hubby ni.. hahahaha)

gurl memang dah besar... mummy said she had her solid food the nite before.. pandai gurl ni la...

i love colors and.. deydieeee

and yes myra, we want u know that besides having loving parents, you do have a bunch of aunties and uncles who adores and loves you too...

muahssss.. HAPPY 5 MONTHS OLD GURL...

p/s mummy and daddy kalo nak byr RM1k for her photos kat pro photog, aunty deby tak kisah... :p cozzzzzzzz.. aunty sendiri tak mampu nak bayar gurl tuk jadik aunty nye model tau.. hehehe...
Aunty Deby