Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Are The Champion!

remember when i said that i love this guy? he made it again! told u Barca needs him as their team mate. and better still, a captain. he's the mastermind of the nite. he caused chaos to the Red Devil's. he made Ronaldo became so wary. i can see how much Ronaldo hated him that nite..

the result is, we won that nite! we won it with full integrity with displaying good and skilfull manners with great tactics too!

he deserved it! his score was classic! just like Maradona did it, minus the hand act! he was superb!

Eto'o made it! his score at the minutes of 10, had gave big impact to the Red Devil. MU is not their match. Barca is more matured than the Devils, i guess?

all in all, im more than happy. Seiing Barca lifted the cup was the best feeling ever! U deserve it Boys!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Makan pun dapat duit?

last friday nite, me, deebo, aisha and our spouses when out for late dinner at a brand new cafe named Island Red Cafe near Equine Park. this cafe was introduced by hubby's close frenz, Azan. the reason why we tried this cafe was merely because of the marketing scheme that was introduced by this cafe's co.

guess what? i was told by Azan that they had adapted Direct Selling Scheme in promoting this cafe. for all customers who joined as member they are given coupons depending on how much u willing to spend (not sure whether this is right or not). but each member are entitled to get some further discount when they had their meals here. on the top of that, each member are given some commission or allowances if they managed to recruit new other member. further than that, im not sure. :)

well, obviously we are not interested with the scheme whatsoever (though you can see most people who came into the cafe would definitely filled up the table with large no of people and you definitely wud see someone cud take in-charge explaining the MLM scheme).

as to foods wise, i definitely enjoyed their signature coffee (either hot or cold)! plus point given for its price. a glass of cold coffee was merely cost about rm2.70! that's even cheaper than Oldtown White Coffee. all of us had agreed that the coffee was great indeed. ;)

i even tried their Chicken Curry with Arab's Bread. well, there's nothing to shout about. i had to request for extra gravvy to enjoy my Arab's bread. it was so-so lah..

the y are not that generous. the curry comes with only HALF of arab's bread. tak syiok betui.

ahtan had ordered Bihun Tomyam (though initially he was reluctant to have bihun with the tomyam. the blurness of the waiter had forced him to accept the bihun tomyam instead tomyam alone...hehehehe). but as usual, when it comes to grading the food, ahtan is soooooooooo easy to please. he enjoyed his food definitely.. hehehehe...

the lovely couple are enjoying their food

As to Aisha, she had ordered herself a bowl of keow tiow sup and some Penang Lor Bak. forgetten to asked her how her food was? hahahhaa... but i did took a bite on the Lor Bak and ive tasted better. i guess its was overcooked and bit dry. whereas Wan ordered himself a big plate of chicken wings which end up eaten by Ahtan and hubby.. hahaha.. but the portion is quite big. 6 pieces of chicken wings cost only for RM12.00. not that bad huh?

the overcooked and dry Lor Bak

the hillarious couple. :p

well, we had good time dat nite. non stop laughing. though baby Myra is not around, we definitely miss her. uncle Wan had came all the way thot of meeting her that nite. hehhehe.. sian..

i wud definitely get the i-phone... soon..soon.. u wait there! hehehe

we wrapped up near 145am. lupa baby Myra is at home waiting for her parents.... pity her... ;)

Roma, here i am...

final countdown! the day has come. too many predictions has been made. who'll lift up the cup? who'll make their country proud? would it be Guardiola or Ferguson? they said it's a battle of callow novice against the grandmaster.

both of the team has its own strength and weaknesses. a perfect storm i guess for tonite's match. cant hardly wait...

truth is, im supporting Barca. any team would get my favour but Man-U. as i said, they are Red Devils. the name says it all. My love for Messi nor Puyol is not merely a one night stand. I heart Messi since he played for Argentina during the last world cup. he was young then. but now, you can see hows he grown up so well. he makes me proud!!!!!! and Puyol.. the semi-final game without him was such a dull! we need u Puyol.

and i bet Guardiola will put his best man on field tonite.. hope i will see Pique, Eto'o, Henry, Sylvinho, Keita, Xavi, Valdes, Toure, Iniesta too. hussshhh.. my heart is beating sooooooooo fast now!

Buena Suerte Barca!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

once upon a time.. in a la la land...

last week me and hubby balik ziarah my bro in law and his newly bride di bunga raya. balik dari sana, we passed bukit jalil and i was stunned when i saw a gigantic free wheely ada di sana. ada fun fair!!!!!! i was so excited and balik terus googled bout the fun fair. it was called Euro fun fair. this year masuk the second year they came here to do the event. after reading reviews ,most people said its not a typical funfair yg ada konsert rock kapak cam lipan bara etc tu. and cina jual tiket pun nampak stylo. and from the reviews most claimed its a great place to try out adventure fun. way better than genting even. and as to the price macam ok lah.

immediately after, i called the gurls. told deebo bout it and suggested her tuk serang the funfair on weekend. later, discussed bout it wit biqque and she was not sure initialy. mainly because she's worried that her hubby wont be interested. hmm.. my hubby wud react the same pun.. alah.. malas nak pikir.. told the gurls, we can have gurls nite out, having fun there and the hubbys can stay home as they please.

but tak sangkaaaaaaaaaaaa... semua dtg to bukit jalil that day! since tengahari most of them are here. lepak kat rumah dulu and after dinner we went there. sampai jer.. i cant help myself being ecstatic. dah terkinja2. tgk dari jauh ada this machine which with claws dok hayun people on air siap pusing2 360 degree lagik.. perghh.. adrenaline rush! this machine nama dia Challenger. at anor end, there's anor one long and big machine. namanya Vortex. god, this machine even giler! kasik org gantung then bawak naik atas on 180 degree then pusing2 with tangan terjuntai2. kepala hanging up and down. uish... eeriee lahhhhh..

so we went in. semua unanimously agreed to ride on challenger. best skit because benda tu bole naik ramai2. so we went in and surrender ourself to the machine. me and biqque sat next to each other and we were facing deebo, ahtan, ely and aisha. once they buckled us up, bole dengar biqque complaint to the boy that her belt is bit loose and need to be tighten bit. immediately i checked mind andd guess wat? it even worst! tali belt tu macam nak terputus dah.. and when i realised it cam dah terlambat coz the machine has started moving... arggghhh.. help!!!!!!!

once im up there, perut rasa pusing2. especially when benda tu throw us higher on the air.. uishh.. seriously.. pure adrenaline! like level tah berapa2 tah. and shortly found the trick, keep my eyes closed and try not against the gravity. just go with the flow.. in a minute, i got used with it. and yes... i can feel it.. freeeeeeeeee as a bird.. nice feeling indeed. in the same time tiba2 dengar "ya ampun..ya ampun.. ni deb lah punya keja ni". hahaha.. biqque was so funny..

abis jer, semua turun ngan rambut kusut masai. seriously masai! like somebody just got molested or sthing like it. hahaha.. after effect, i was terkedu for few minutes. cam tak caya jer. hahaha.. later we proceed to all that stupid game tikam2. kira2 we spent like almost beratus tuk benda2 bodoh tu.. mak ikan nya. usual la.. si biqque! and anak ikannya.. si wan! hahaaha.. nasib baik ada menang benda2 bodoh tu, xdela sakit hati sgt. bak kata hubby, they are stealing us legally. and we yg genius ni pun dengan rela hati ditipu.. hehehe

tapi tak kisahlah.. we all had fun! the lil gurl in me was really happy. tak sangka we can have so much fun here. a lil enjoyment yg sgt worth it! it allows us to get together and to have quality time together. susah nak dapat this rare occasion where everyone can come and participate. well, we made it that nite.. balik pun almost 2am. siap lepak2 at mamak and had good chit chat with great buddies. you can see from their expression how much we had fun and felt so great that we made that nite happens! i love u peeps... muahsssssssss...

so next trip???? hmm.. kita gi amik gmbr kt depan gate istana negara, tugu negara, butterfly farm and lake club pulak nak? jom??????

Sunday, May 24, 2009


hari ni cuaca sungguh mencabar. bahang kepanasan sangat2 terasa. masa ni mengingtakkan diri how much i miss tokyo dearly. summer in tokyo was the best experience penah i rasa. it hot and sunny there. but its WINDY. panas pun tak apa. coz the air still terasa fresh and sepoi2 bahasa. how i really miss tokyo.. and yes.. fukuoka too..

on the top of that, what made me love tokyo is because the culture that they embrace. they really preserve their heritage and maintain their lifestyle in the same time. at one point i think they are conventional but yet, they are more advanced compared to other society. in fact, kekadang kita tak sempat nak kejar the development yg mereka dah cipta. ahead dari mana2 society or country!

the japanese are the most shy people ive ever met. but they are friendly and helpful in their own way. i remembered during my stay in fukuoka. di sekolah masa tu tak ramai yg i really kenal. but then didnt stop them from throwing smile to me. but if approached them, tiba2 saja the shy shield pun kuar. and the funniest part, mereka yg shy nilah yg byk bagi farewell gift when i left the school.

i respect the japanese! in so many numerous ways. i can sense that here, if i talk a lot bout other culture but mine, they will labeled me. not proud of my own culture, malukan my ancestor. sometimes when i talked bout how great japanese are, they will find me as bragging. saja nak menunjuk. bukannya mereka nak tgk or evaluate my words bila i praised the japanese. why do i looked up on them. but its more easier for them to think that my act was merely a show off.

but when i told them how much i enjoyed indonesia, lain pulak citernya! kata depa apa yg lebihnya indonesia? then i said i love their rich culture. again, they looked at me and gave me the disbelief look. like telling me , "why???" to them, the indonesians here are so desperate looking for fortune. cheap labour! but hello!!!!! dont u think these people are smart? they know how big and great the opportunities here. so cepat2 depa grabs it. furthermore, malaysian sendiri tak mahu rebut peluang tu. baik bagi jer kat mereka! sigh...

so, when i told them that i misses indonesia and wanna visit indonesia soon, semua buat muka and said "u migrate sana jelah deb. cakap pun dah macam indon!" this time tak tau nak rasa bangga or otherwise...

disebabkan itu semua, malam ni i forced hubby to take me to sushi king for dinner. though the truth is i never enjoyed sushi king coz ive tasted the real thing and it tasted wayyyyyyyyyyy better. tapi rindu to that katsu curry gohan, i belasah jer la.. tak lepas pun rindunya.. curry rice di small shop depan Laox dekat Akihabara tulahhhhhhhh yg terbaik! Mochi dan Sukiyaki my foster mum lah yg paling sedap ive eaten so far.. oh how much i miss japan!

balik tadi, i was wondering, hilangkah melayu diri ini kerana menyukai budaya jepun dan lebih mendengar dan mendendangkan lagu indon? pedulik lah.. yg penting im going to Lombok!!!! hehehe.... :p

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Gurl is 4!

last saturday me and hubby decided to meet Baby Gurl @ Myra after quite stimes. its been hectic weekends for the past few weeks. so without further due we called Myra's parents to check out whether they are in town. thank God, they are around and had no plan. so to Pyramid we when.

well, Baby gurl is 4 months old already. she just had her qiqah's. the funniest part was Myra's had a hair cut which was done only half thru. hahaha.. the result, rambut dia senget skit. klakar betul. menurut kata parentsnya, Myra cranky that day and tak nak rambutnya dipotong. tu yg senget jadiknya. hehehe...

our meeting that eve jadik lagi riuh when Myra's Stalker aunt came her other stalker friends. mostly of them memang obsessed with Myra. who didnt?

well, we opt to try to this cafe named Pappa's. Its my 2nd time here. the foods were great actually. deebo had her dry mee and some fantastic drink, Honey Milk with longan. kata dia it cud helps to produce more milks for Myra. well, it taste nice actually. and as to the dry mee, she's not complaining. so i bet it's taste right too.

Myra's daddy ordered a curry mee and some lime juice. susah nak tau feedback ahtan sebab to him semua foods ok jer. in anor words, dia tak fussy lah. oklah tu. as to hubby, his nasi lemak had made his day. the are quite generous with the chicken rendang, and yes.. i loveeeeeeeeee the sambal. sedap lah!

since i am demn hungry, i ordered nasi goreng special with chic wings and fried eggs. dlm menu nampak cam gempakla. tapi presentation wise, tak best sgt la. but sthing new, they includes a bit of sambal and topped it with some curry gravy. and guess wat? i dooooooooooooooooooooo enjoyed it! and this compliments my drink for that day. soya cincau with gula melaka. slurrrp... sedap lah..

so we unanimously agreed that Pappas had good foods though it bit pricey. kalo awal bulan bole la buat perangai cam ni. tapi kalo dah ujung bulan.... takkot? hehehe...

Friday, May 15, 2009


i love to update myself with current news or development . tapi cukup tak gemar nak melihat sesuatu yg mempunyai agenda tersendiri aka yang cuba menarik perhation org. coz i know its fake! when its fake, u r x being sincere. everything u do ada sebab sendiri, which most of the time will benefit u alone. sometimes it's unnecessary pun.. tapi kalo dah memang attention seeker, u r really lack of affection! sorRy lah peeps..

right now i pun wonder what is my main objective when im socializing in net circle? am i sincere enuff in handling it? what is my main obj. FBing everyday? bukan i am no less than them ke kan?

the answer obviously nooooooooooooooooooooooo.... i can truly differentiate myself from those attention seeker. i need not update or scream to the whole world telling them what i am doing or gonna do soon. cause im already aware that the world doesnt care lot bout me. the world does not involving me alone. there's other important things in life to discuss. paling busuk pun there are issues of world hunger or HIV which todate has no cure!

so to all attention seeker. pls... do not waste my my time to go thru the newsfeed yg panjang lebar telling me what is your color personality, what Mafia type u are or... telling the whole world how filthy u are. u know why?????


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it's better late than never

it's monday, 11/05/2009. people celebrated it yesterday. yes, it's Mother's day. have i missed it? no im not.

i know mummy wont be reading this. tapi cukuplah buat untuk aku untuk menghargai mummy sebegini rupa. mummy, i bet u know how much we love u... u are our pillar of strength after papa.

mummy, we want u to know, u mean the world to us. u are our everything. takde tolok banding kasih sayang ibu buat kami. we love u to the bone!

so mummy, we wish u very good mummy's day. pohonNya panjangkan umur ibu, sihatkan tubuh badan ibu, murahkan rezeki ibu, sejahterakanlah kehidupan ibu dunia dan akhirat. berkatilah kehidupan ibu dulu, kini mahupun lusa. amin

and yes ibu, u can always come to my lil hut to enjoy your "ika chaka ZUMA!"


your daughter!

Friday, May 8, 2009


updates! last nite match was great. big blow to chelsea's fans. at minute yg ke 90, barca spelt his magic word. Barca scored 1 goal and that destroyed Chelsea's hope to fly to Rome end of this month. Cant hardly wait...

something good happened today. ive chose a path that might change my life in future. might take days, months or even years. tak pe kot. pelan2 kayuh. i just really hope i will keep this spirit alive. to be consistent and persistent. insya allah.. but for this moment, memang rasa nak jumping around. yes, leap of joy!

other than that, i feel so good that finally i managed to pull myself and remind me the joy of reading! rasanya dah lama sgt meninggalkan budaya membaca ni. lama sgt... so my visit to mph warehouse last week had give me great motivation to read. tuhari bought lotsaaaaaaaa of books like nobody business. everything was cheap! crazy cheap k? dalam kena berbudget, i managed to grab buku-buku yg memang dah laaaaama sgt tak terbeli-beli. dulu takde masa nak membaca, but now, rugi la kalo x membaca.

got to stop here. otherwise, i wudnt have time to read. got to continue my 'tuesdays with Morrie'. i wanna further be touched by it and learn greatest lesson of life's.

shall we?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roma.. will u wait for me?

it's 335am already. half time buat game chelsea v barcelona. and why am i still not asleep? ntah. it's not my favorite game to watch. im not a chelsea nor barcelona fan. cuma suka lionel messi since he played from argentina lagi.

i have high hope for barcelona though. i hope they win tonite. after my journey to rome via emirates was crashed by the Devils, i became wary. fearing the devils can lift up UEFA's trophy! and no.. im not a gooners. im a Kopits!

but somehow lady luck had run out her charm. obviously we are not in the semi's.but what more painful ditambah rasa nyampah sgt bila tgk the devils yg riak nak mampus! one thing bout football, u can become true frenz or an enemy in spurs of moments.

im always trying my best to use brain instead emotion. but when it comes to the devils, u just seems lost it. sebab as i discovered, their fans are the most lunatic fanatic annoying fans. that's it! ive said it.

so, barce, my big hopes live in u! u gotta trash chelsea badly just like wat u did on real mardid. so in rome later we can hold our head high and can start firing missile againts the lunatics!

but as i truly belief, i shudnt be watchin this game. why? cause i believes that everytime i watched any games which my favorite team is playing, i always turned down by them .it's a jinx!

so, should i just leave hubby watching anor half of the game alone? naaaaaaaaaaaaa.... im true fighter! let's see how it ends?

Friday, May 1, 2009

summer is coming... movies fiesta!

it's a labour day today! just got back from watching Hollywood acting Bollywood with some kicking ass action, toppled with some poor CGI. is that bad enuff? hahahaha... well, despites all that, i do enjoyed Wolverine. I am Hugh Jackman's fan. the looks and her acting skills complements eac other. and yes.. he's a good singer too! Great soothing voice.

Well, the cheesy bollywood hollywood's movie is farrrrrrrrrrrr better than this malay movie that is going hit the cinema soon. while blogging this, im actually sitting in front of my tv watching "Di sebalik.. Syurga Cinta". Pelakon-pelakonnya sungguh menjadi kegemaran Mr David teo. Ada commercial value!

Dah 15 mins watching this in the making... hati tak dapat menahan to switch the channel.. arrghh..

kenapala... mereka suka sgt buat cerita cinta yg sterotype cam tu? honestly... kalo takat storyline cam tu.. keluar tuk slot cerekarama pun cukupla. i wud consider watchin it kalo dalam cerekarama. but as movie????????

bukanlah taknak menyokong industri perfileman malaysia, tapi.. why would i waste my rm10 just to watch a sloppy movie when i can make full use of that rm10 in this very unstable financial crisis. duh...

well, anyway, i hope adik chomel who acted in this movie will become a successful person in his future. doesnt matter what he opt to do in his life, i just hope he will become somebody in coming years. kalo he decides to become an actor, i seriously hope he will become a BIG actor. not in adlin's term though.. hehehhee...

and chop... quoting david teo "kepada semua gadis bertudung yang baru ingin belajar bercinta... saksikan syurga cinta.." WTF??????????????? IS THIS HIS TARGET AUDIENCE??????? niama!@####..

tahapa hapa la...