Wednesday, September 10, 2008

..when its over

finally.. the day comes. never ever i imagined this day would come. my heart sank. reality does bite! aftr 5 years, its over. it REALLY over. i keep on telling myself, il do fine. its nothing.. this is what you called life.

after 5 years, im putting an end to this. do i regret? no.. never. i know this is good for me. i have to get out from this comfort zone of mine. but was it easy? hell no.. as it now.. im sad.. confused.. but relief though. it's really a mixed feelings that i hardly cant describe. what i know now, it's time for me to pull myself, regain my conscious, take a deep breath, focus and move on.

the comfort zone that i left, was a solitude of mine. im nurtured, brought up and grown up at that place. never ever i thought i would leave that place. leaving them, the memories and lots more. it feels like u just lost your loved one. i have to admit as much as i want to look stronger, deep down here, im the weakest person ever, cant stop my teary eyes.

i hope its greener on the other side. i hope the sky is blue. but as mak always said, 'dalam terang gelap boleh datang..' i hope the Almighty had the best plan for me. for i am hopeless, but shall not give up.. i'll grow stronger and able to face the storm, rainy or even shinny day.

let's start a new chapter of my life.. shall we?

insya allah.. amin..

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