Wednesday, November 4, 2009


im bored.. bored to death..

bored with my life.

need a jumpstart!

do i really need someone to knock my head and tell me what to do?

eh tak yah la... im not 5 yrs old gurl. sila jgn sibuk dengan kehidupan saya!

im rambling.. rambling.. rambling...

rambling thoughts.. killing me...

i hate what i see, what i heard, what i read... bosan......

semua sama. as much as i think i am far better than anyone, i am no less.. just like them.

so what will i do now?


hmm... am i facing mid life crisis? demmit.. hell no.. 31 wont fall under this category. in denial? ntah... hahhahahahahahha... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

why do i turning like them? noooooooooooooooo......

So... have mercy to yourself... do something about it!

Things to do.

1. Love yourself
2. Dont listen to others if it hurts you. Good criticsm is yes. But bad criticsm to let down ur spirit must be ignored!
3. Procrastinate is NOT ur middle name! Wake up and moves.
4. Do not ever judge people. U r no better than anyone.
5. Learn to R.E.S.P.E.C.T others just like how much u want to be treated well.
6.Start reading again.
7.Have fun with life, taking it seriously might kill you.
8.Appreciate what u have now, cause u will never know that u might losing it one day.
9. Life is simple. Do not complicate them.
10. Never stop praying. The Almighty knows better.

i guess these are good for time being. lets work on this 10 things before i wanna start with other 100s.

good luck to me, myself and i! :)


Nanzo said...

A good start!Remember IKHLAS on whatever you do because that is what have lack in our life around us right now.Start Ikhlas with yourself than it will be naturally goes to people all around you.IKHLAS no need to be need to be 'feel' and practice within yourself.Don't worry b,you always have my support and we will go through this we always did....

debyG! said...

tq b.

i heart u.

dibitz said...

awww nann... u mmg pengimbang cakera alam la.. i pun amik sebagai iktibar la.. hehehe...

and deb, relax.. i like the "start reading" part.. when i have the time, i want to start reading again..

but for now, for you, start running beb! ada marathon coming!