Friday, February 19, 2010

Me, Julie & Julia

i loves cooking. and i loves movies too. so when Meyrl Streep was nominated and won the Best Actress for the movie Julie&Julia, that had enticed me to watch this movie even more. i remembered watchin both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in the Globe Awards, both was so proud and honored for given the chance to work in this movie.

so on the eve of CNY, me and my Man went DVD shop. sgt terperanjat coz there were many movies that we havent watch yet. this includes Julie&Julia. my Man was not even interested to watch it but after much persuasion he agreed to get me the DVD but with condition, i have to enjoy it by myself. hmmm.. tak kisahlah yang penting my Man sanggup waste his rm8 for this movie. ikut hati memang nak download jer dari the Net, but since kitaorg pakai Celcom ni, jangan haraplah we can dload that movie. imagine, nak streaming Youtube pun memerlukan tahap kesabaran yang tinggi. sigh... *but im not complaining coz celcom has served me better than Pu&*max... Wimax had caused so much heartache and headache!*

back to Julie&Julia. i love that movie. in fact, im very much inspired. as two days ago, i discovered this my own version of Mastering French Cooking book. i was lucky that someone had leave this great book, A Taste of Batu Gajah, written by Datin Seri Raihan Abdul Rahman over the cashier counter at the Borders. it was a love at the 1st sight. i was very attracted to its cover where sgt la klasiknya to see a lady holding a mangkut tingkat with its tagline Traditional Malay Family Recipes. without wasting time, i flipped thru the book, and that's it! i knew this is the solution for me after years looking for great resipi sambal. malu nak admit that dah 3 tahun kahwin ni, im sucks at cooking sambal. cakap la sambal apa pun. memang tak pandai or tak cukup kuat nak menambat hati my Man. dah la he really loves sambal! the spicey the better!!! till todate i cant cook sambal like his mum did. dah la to him takde sapa yang can cook a good sambal but her mum. adehhhh....

so the book was really full with great collections of traditional recipes. it is very basic and easy to comprehend. from sambal belacan to cucur udang semuanya ada. cukuplah for people like me who needs basic of cooking. furthermore, ada resipi ikan patin masak tempoyak and sagu gula melaka. memang laaaaaaaaaaaaaa my faveret too!!!!

thus, after watching Julie&Julia, i cant help but to do exactly like wat Julie's did.

im gonna start my own journal of cooking A Taste of Batu Gajah just the way Datin Seri Raihan did it. will try to complete this right before my coming birthday! which is just 2 months away.

oh ecstatic i am! gambatte neh....


biqque said...

ish ko masak sedap laaaaaaa!

debyG! said...

mana pandai.. as i said kari yg aku masak rasa "lemah". :(