Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who's that girl?

It's me. Seriously me. ;)

No lah... It's Jess! My obsession on Zooey continues.

Currently busy watching her new series named New Girl. Loving it! Its still an early stage where it's more on building characters of each of them. But to me Zooey has nailed it. Her character was brilliantly created. She did it well.

Reasons why i love Zooey?

1. I love her name.
2. Love her quirky voice.
3. Love her sense of dressing
4. She's witty.
5. Not typical gurl. She sang and got few indie albums.
6. I find she's more adorable than her sis.
7. I think she's real! Not a fake actress. What you see is wat u get.

Cant wait to watch the next episode!

She seriously looks like me kan? :p

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