Sunday, April 26, 2009

global warming is NOT a myth!

yup... global warming is hitting my bedroom!!!!!!! panas sungguh my bedroom tonite. terasa sungguh bahangnya.

well, we both had agreed on becoming an environmentalist,not going to hurt the ozone level further by not getting any air-cond for our home. on the top of that, bole save our electricity bill. semua org ckp once u fixed an air-cond kat umah, our bill will go melambung tinggi.. because of that we wanna be savvy and not to waste our money for that lil happiness. bukan penting sgt pun ada air-cond kat umah ni. only both of us jer. kipas kat umah ni bole go max level up to 5 level. kalo panas, bukak je lah full blast.

apparently i was wrong. theory tu hanya bole digunakan tuk our x-home dulu. dulu lain.. duduk penthouse level paling tinggi, tak payah pakai kipas pun kita dah rasa kesejukannya di waktu malam. just open the sliding door. or open your bedroom window, u will feel the breezing air... nyamuk pun x bole nak terbang sampai level 16!!! everyone loves that house. especially mummy. everytime she came she insisted nak tido luar, then bukak sliding door seluas-luasnya. she really enjoyed the easy breezy nite at our home.

now, moving to double story house, things changed tremendously. though we enjoyed the flexibility to park our own car in our very own porch, need not to punggah all barang/ groceries depan lift before naik umah... i have to bear with this hotness!!!!

darn!!!!! it's really hot in here. so tonite we both decided to sleep kat living hall dengan harapan kat bawah ni sejuk sikit from our bedroom. well, it's not much different i have to tell. adeh...

well, clock hits 3am already. im still not asleep. unlike hubby, hubby dah jauh travel ni. rasanya dah sampai tokyo again rasanya and leave me all alone.

guess need to boil some hot water and to fix a hot cocoa for myself. hope that will help me to fall asleep.

or shud i stay awake and prepare a good proposal to present to hubby on "101 reasons why we need to install air-conds for our home?"

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biqque said...

mmg umah kita panas! arghhhhh!