Friday, April 24, 2009

If money doesn't make us happy, then what does it do?

today during breakfast hubby tanya a question yang akhirnya tiba jua. "what's ur next plan? my contract ends this Oct. not to freak u out. tapi what's ur plan?"

can i just say i have noooooooooooooo plan... or... i shud jawab, "i akan masuk bertanding kekalkan title 'president of tai-tai club"? or "i nak masuk skim cepat kaya, then kaya raya?"

darn.. reality does bite! oh ok fine.. its already 6 months of me being unemployed. im doing fine. well i thot we were fine. yes we are... but i know hubby is worried that he cant provide me any further after his contracts end. since i decided not to work, hubby has been taking care of all our bills. dulu kalo i keja we take care all the bills together. on the top of that, he gives me cents and dollars to spend too.

looking at the roots, its all caused by money. hubby selalu ingatkan kita jgn jadik mangsa duit, biar duit tu jadik our slave, not the other way around. but before money can be my slave, i have to find the money to prove im the master to the slave kan? hmmm... things to ponder...

so, it's high time for me to think what to do in next 5 months. nak kerja balik ke? work 9 to 9? dah x sanggup... honestly i enjoy my life now. no restriction. im freeto do watever i wanna do.. bole tgk tv anytime i want. bole tgk SEMUA soppy dramas n movies. boleh surf the net unlimited (xyah takut kantoi ngan bos). boleh gi bkfst or tea with frenz bila2 masa. bole main ps3. hmm... am i ready to leave all that behind? HELL NO!!!!!!

so, wat's are the best options do i get?

boleh tak fikir semua ni lepas 4 bulan nanti?

does we really need money to make us complete hence happy?

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