Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy I AM!

i have not been blogging for quite sometimes. wanted to do it since the day i did my 10km debut. tapi dok takde masa. mostly im being procrastinate as usual. nothing new eh?

well, the Running Nite was a blast. will write and upload the pics on it. it was a great personal achievement. something for me to be proud of myself. :)

the next very day (after the running nite), i got a call from BSN confirming my position and they want me to start immediately. so on 1st April, ive started my new job. i was in doubt earlier before, mostly sebab i hates banker! i know how they works and their mentality on worklife etc. having them as client dulu pun dah cukup memenatkan. but somehow, i was lured to accept this job (mainly beggar cannot choose) because BSN is a GLC and also a "badan berkanun" as what my colleague told me. since they are subject to MOF, their company vision is very much differed from other banks.

so far im enjoying my new routine. wake up as early as 530am. then, MyOtherHalf will send me to the train station @ Sri Petaling. However, my ride stop @ Masjid Jamek and later kena switch to anor train to KLCC. But the journey was not that bad. the reason why i go off early is because i dont wanna get stuck, or cramp between other people who's rushing to work. so usually ill be among the early bird @ the office. skrg sampai off kul740. not bad at all, since i have a punch card machine that need to be pleased. ;) my last employment mmg takde punch card, so sukati mak labu bila nak masuk off. but things changed now, so im adapting well with it somehow.

the best part of the job, i can go off as early as 530! kalau dulu.. jangan harap.. and if i wanna stay back pun paling lama till 630 and still, bila kuar dari off tu still nampak matahari lagi! very precious indeed. since i dunt have to go through the traffic woes in Kl, selalunya by 630 i da sampai and MOH will be smiling happily waiting for me at the train station. haaaa... best.. best...

and yes, im very much grateful, indeed!