Thursday, April 22, 2010

im 23 babeh!

ive been leaving my wall empty for the past 2 weeks. dari sehari ke sehari nak tulis tak sempat langsung!

as usual, so many things happened during these 2 weeks. antaranya- my BuffDAy! this year im not as thrilled as my past years counting days and hours for time to come. tatau sebab apa. maybe sebab im more excited with my new job and the new routine yg ada. but .. as people says, the less you expect, the more you'll get. which is true!

well, masa my birthday tuhari, tak ramai budak opis yang tau that it was my day. so, i didnt expect people will go gugu gaga celebrating my day. but mostly people in my department tau and sibuk wish buffday on that day. on the same day, i was instructed by my boss to attend court since hari tu ada kes BSN kat court petang tu. i was so excited! siap bagitau kat my boss that was among my best buffday gift. i know it sounds pathetic, but after a year not visiting court, i was damn excited! hahahaha

so, balik dari court my colleague Nicky dgn muka cuak nya came to my table.

"babe bos nak jumpa. i dont know why but u kena cepat. she was mad earlier before!"

dengan gelabah i followed Nicky to boss's room. the room was dark. i was confused and tertanya2.

"takkan nak masuk babe? gelap la.. Puan tgh solat kan tadi?'
si Nicky yang tak paham bahasa ni trus jer opemed the door and.... tada..... i saw a cake on the table with candles on..

and i heard people said "SURPRISE!!!"

perghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... they are celebrating my buffday! terharu bangat!!!!!! rasa cam nak nangis jer. tapi cam tak macho coz it was only my 2nd week there. and later everyone was busy singing biffday song and i blew the candles dgn 1001 wishes!

im truly blessed! i felt the loves, sincerity, kindness from each of them. even rasa cam bertuah when they told me that one of them kena balik merempit balik rumah my Boss sebab kena amik chocs cake tu for me. My boss baked the cake, ok! That was antara kek coklat yang paling seeeeedap penah aku makan! (kompem aku akan mempromo the cake on next event!)

so we had slices of chocs cake with strawberry tea for that afternoon. sedap giler tea session that day! and yes.. my boss managed to capture few photos of us on that day...

sungguh girang saya pada hari itu!

sumpah kek ni sedap giler!!!!

the jimbeng gang!

Haaa... i love my new job and the peoples too!


dibitz said...

kek tu memang sedap!!!!!!!!
glad u had a great birthday!

Ely Hasrul said...

whoaaa besnyeeee.. suka suka suka!!!!

so bile kite nye partey??

Biqque said...

nyum2! mana wajah Puan ko tu? sila tunjukkan.

Rv Husin said...

happy belated birthday debb!! best gile ada colleagues camtuh!

Biqque said...

deb, jom masuk contest i :D