Friday, February 6, 2009

here and there

there's sooooo many things happened for the past few days. but all that doesn't concerns my life pun. esp.political scenario at perak. as someone who was brought up in perak half of my life, i guess it does gives small impacts to my life. the changing of new admin for state... im x sure it's d best or even worst. but as far as im concerned DYMM Seri Paduka Sultan Perak dah pun bertitah.. so.. to Mr.Nizar, ur refusal to resign, im x sure whether it's matter or x anymore. i guess, once DYMM had directed to do so, just fully obliged jelah.. some might agree,some might not. but i guess our DYMM Sultan Perak bukan calang2 org yg bertitah.. ex-chief judges... anyone to dispute his words????

well, i wish best of luck to new perak govt. biar telus, jujur and amanah. ingat, big position comes with big responsibilities. All the best again!

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