Friday, February 13, 2009

P.S. I Love You

i never read Cecelia Ahern series of books before. having watched p.s i love you, it attracts me to read the book. well, have to admit that the movies does x justify how really good the book was. for someone who just lost the loved ones i can really relates to this book. and kudos to the cast of the movie who really moved me emotionally.

it makes me appreciate the life and the people around me even more. i learned how to adjust and adapting that my beloved papa is no longer here in this world. but i do knows for sure, there's more new chapter in my life that papa wants me to succeed in it. its a fact thats he's no longer here, but deep down i knows he's always have a special place in this very heart of my own. i know he's been praying that me and my family will survive and go through this life well without him being there.

to papa, you are always the pillar of my strength, im always the small gurl who admired you and who always look up on you. i adore u papa. thank you for a wonderful life and experience that you gave me. it's priceless... i wish u rest peacefully in Jannah. I know Pa that you are in good hands, the Almighty loves you more than i do.

P.S I Love You Pa, I will always will, I Will always do...

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