Thursday, March 18, 2010



i dunno what is tumblr. never knew the existance.

but on one fine day Danny Boy asked me;

DB : kak, why most your blog that u read tak pakai tumblr?

Me : tumblr? why? what is tumblr?

DB: dunno how to describe. but lagik best and simple dari blog layout yg lain. cam blog jugak, can put everything in tumblr. tapi lagi cantik.

Me: really? u have an account ek?

DB : errr... (taknak ngaku)

that night, i pun start to search for tumblr in the search engine. they've been around bout 3 years. it's easy to set up!

without me realising, ive created an account for myself. 30 minutes later, i have 5 post in it! true. it's very simple, pretty, hassle free.

i love tumblr. an alternative to this humble blog. im in love with my tumblr.

love is in the air!


biqque said...

weh! best gile! tapi nak transfer sume tu yg alahaiiiii...good discovery babe!

debyG! said...

ha, kalo hang ada tumblr acc, notify me!