Sunday, October 10, 2010

His Steps

*advert post, walau tak berbayar.. ahaks*


It's great to start a new post with something you really wanna shout about! I dont care.. tak kisah sapa nak ngata.. but my Mr.OtherHalf just made me proud.

He was featured dlm XY of Berita Harian! Woooohoooo...

Hoih... im bangga! bangga tahap gaban! Coz he deserved it! Totally! Dah 13 years dlm this industry, finally he get the recognition.

I know it wont stop there. I know more great things coming. Insya Allah B! Usaha tangga kejayaan. Allah akan menolong hambanya yg telah menolong dirinya sendiri.

If u guys have time.. read bout him here!

MyOtherHalf yg tersenyum bangga!

A few of his published artworks

If u guys have more time.. go here and check out his current project.. Digital comic in the making.. and he's trying his best to have it printed and be published soon. Amin... U guys can lend him more support by clicking this FB fan page..

And yes... he just completed his recent project.. an international comic published by a big name publisher. To be published and distributed this November! *wifey yg tgh poyo , bangga and happy ngan hubby sendiri mode*

So what is there to wait.. happy reading ya...

Supportlah industri komik Malaysia.. We are better than the westerner!

Belilah barang buatan Malaysia.. Kasut gombak pun cantik tau.... hehehehehehe


Ely Hasrul said...

dia kawan saya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bangga bangga!! congrats!!

dibitz said...

tak! dia kawan saya!! hahaha...!!

congrats nan.. u deserve it, seriously...

debyG! said...

tq babester!

saya pun kenal dia gak... dia suami saya.. woot woot!


Biqque said...

*tepi! tepi!*

dia kawan SAYA!

congrats abang nanzo :D