Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sheila oh shiela

i have lots to shit.. tapi malas.. but this ads.. cant help it. i nak blog psl ads ni, tak kira.

i am a fan of Shiela Majid. my eldest bro introduce me to shiela's music when im still in primary. pengemis muda was her 1st song yang aku suka. the albums Dimensi, Emosi, Warna etc mmg ada dalam collection my bro. im so hooked up with her voice and music masa tu. then the most fantastic album, Warna mmg menjadi pujaan and siulan me and my bro.

one of the most remembered moment ialah masa abg ajak pegi IKHLAS concert masa Xmas 2002. i was in form 2 masa tu. perghhh.. masa tu lagi Cinta dengan Shiela Majid. I also went to her Lagenda's concert. her performance and showmanship memang different class dari performer lain.

im glad when she got her Datukship, her marriage to Acis and the opening of Jentayu Spa. (mom and kakdik's favourite spa apparently)


iklan Diamond ni... cam sabotage dia jer. takkan takde org proof hear/check her BM. spot few funny BM mistakes. i find it funny and hillarious...

but, still, i am one of your big fan Shiela!

cuma.. cant help smiling when i saw this ads.. kelakar laaaaaaaa... hahahahaha

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dibitz said...

saya tak pernah lupa itu janji... slurrrrrp... get well soon!