Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's ACTION time!

"deb, gym 2nite? me and ahtan goin to cyber tonite. jom?"

"huh? gym? myra ada?" (wtf? gym? ages dah i meninggalkan gym ni!)

so, last 2 nite, me and my neighbours went to Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya's gymnasium. i was induced to go thinking ill be meeting baby gurl. tapi.... tipah tertipu! myra takde pun. darn...
but dengan berat hati, berbekalkan my dslr i joined them to gym. my objective that nite, nak amik gambar jerrrrrrrr...

"u jgn beria sgt tau deb. make sure u warm up 1st, k?" pesan adib

"oh ok. tapi i mmg takmo buat beria sgt. 1st nite kan? takut urat terperanjat"
(wtf? beria? u must be joking deebo.. hahaha)

so that nite i memang tak beria sangat, but the machines is so tempting.. end up i tried all d machines. under supervision ahtan obviously. (tu pun he came up and down checking on me n his wifey... takut i beria sgt kot? hahahha..)

but guess wat? it was hell fun!!!!!!!! i love the threadmill (though i only lasted for 15mins, tak habis pun beginner training.. hahaha)

i was quite impressed with the equipments they have here. agak complete jugak. at least there's a place we can sweat with minimal fee. only rm5 per entry. that's quite cheap aight?

of all, i love this cycle regime. plus point cause u actually can lean your body and it made less painful. hahaha.. i completed the Heart Rate exercised and burned bout 50 cal. that's already 2 pieces of Oreos! pergghhh.. gempak siut.. hehehhe (padahal an hour before i go, i stuffed myself with a big portion of nasi kerabu!!! hahaha..) i guess to burn the all bad calories in me will take agessssssss....

i also love this big machine. this big gadget could help you to get great abs. but what u need is determination and strength to pull the weight! but to me takyah lah great abs sgt. to wear off this spare tyres pun da bagus dah. wakakaka..

truth is, i really had good time here! it's like entering a hell but end result was great. i felt good. feel bit lighter...

muka kami2 yg puas.. check out the sweats!

but noooooooo.. it's all temporary. there goes my effort when we later decided to let go that great feeling by sipping a cup of teh tarik after the long hardworking nite.

and yes dib, i blame u for that! :p


Ely Skin said...

hahahhahaha aku kalu org ajak g gym aku cam nk sap kok aje hahahaha

biqque said...

next time i nak join! i nak try that threadmill! (cant afford to buy one)

patu kita mkn nasik goreng kampung and suk ekor k???


debyG! said...

skin- sap kok ek?? hehehe :p

biqque- jom! next session jom ikut. n nasik goreng kg n suk ekor?? kita mkn dat after gym, ok gak.. i can blame hang pulak. hahaha

dibitz said...

badigol deb hahahaha... u know i can't resist teh tarik..

btw.. i can't wait for badminton! kasi booking deb!