Sunday, June 14, 2009


The recent technologies achievement have benefited human kind. Things are easier new with the new technology called the Net. Unlike in some countries, Malaysian had to subscribe to certain net provider in order to use this facilities. For personal user, i have to say that's our local Net provider is ain't cheap. (to be compared with the Japanese and the Americans).

Since they are many Net provider recently, most Malaysians had the option to choose to subscribe the best Net provider. Devastatingly ive said, most of them did not deliver what they've promised to the consumer as advertised in various medias.

I was once a Streamyx user (provided by our local big giant telco namely Telekom). If i were to grade them, i have to give my honest opinion that their service is not even up to my expectation. not that i have very high expectation but if as a user u have to face the disconnecting of service for most of the days of the month, obviously your patience wud running low. It doesnt stop there. The customer service was even worst! Your complaints would only be heard after you have to listen to their 5 mins promos before you can even talked to the customer service!!! WTF!!!!!

It's even shittier when i moved to my new home here in Puncak Jalil. I was told that our portal (like i know what doors they wanna used) for streamyx here is fully taken. Hmmm.. i wonder whether they have not properly survey how many houses ar here in PUJ that might subscribe to their service. Wasn't it a bad judgmet???? And pls, dont let me start with their billing process. Though as to date, my home was never been installed by Streamyx, our bills are keep on coming! When ever lah i had the privilliged pakai streamyx kat PUJ pun i tak tahulah. Im sooooo fucking clueless.

And pls do not jump to your conclusion, i indeed had called and went to Kedai telekom with a missionto terminate my current account. Somehow, they had succesfully induced us not to do so as we were told that should we want to subscribe as new user, very much difficulties might occured. In facts it will only costs me more. I was assured by the staff that it is better for us to be in the waiting list and shud there's extra portal in the future, they would again installed the Stremyx. meanwhile, we were also assured that they would no charge us during the waiting period as obviously since we arent able to use the facilities, why would they charge us? But hellllllllll nooooooooooo.. As i said that the bills are keep coming in and this buat i rasa lagi sakit hati!!!!!!!

Ok.. that was streamyx issue. I now have no other option but to subscribe Maxis Broadband. The only thing i like about Maxis Bband was the doggle given was rather simple, mobile and petite. It can fix in any handbags! But ths serviceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Adoih!!!!! Sabar jela. Very lah nya!!! So lembab!!! And it's expensive.. and i cant do P2P thingy, cant dload from torrent etc. i know there's way to do it but im rather not interested to waste my time and space to download all softwares that cud make dat possible... Maxis service memang macam haram!!!!! And please, please GOD do not let me start commenting on their marketing tagline.. Mau makan berhari2 tak habis nanti. :(

And now there's Wiggy@Wimax. I heard the speed is 10 times better than Maxis, Celcom etc. But thennnnnnnnn as i checked this morning, my area are still not within their service area. Macam G.A.M.P.A.N.G!!!!!!! Amik kooooooo.. Adehhhhhhh penat betul la!

So what are the choices left for me now????? Maybe i just shud sit in one corner and start cursing till i became very exhausted.

As i quote Patrick Teoh's tagline "NIAMAH!!!!"

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biqque said...

u have been puncak jalil-ized! hahaha!

sbb tu jugak lah aku tak penah download pape...sian kan?