Monday, June 8, 2009


i completed my SPM in the year of 1995. immediately after, i was offered to do my degree in UM. went there for a week, tapi rescued by Papa coz dia tau im not happy there. n guess where's my next destination? MSMKL. Buat apa? Amik A-Level! yeeeeeehaaaaa......

So, MSMKL i went. Tempat itu sgtlah sadisnya!!!!!! Well, the college was great. but.. the hostel are sucks! i have my own reason why i said this. my hostel then was actually parking building turned hostel. bayangkanlahhhhhhhhh.. it was cramped, stuffy and sooooooooooo old!

But that place changed my life! It defines me for what i am now. hm.. at least bit.. i really thank god for being there. it was one of my life's chapters that i really treasured.

i made friends there. true friends indeed. there i was introduced to these great bunch of peeps. i was put in this small room with 2 double deckers. my roomies, Jaja, Ayin, Syaz and me. guess what? all of them are Sri Amanians. later i found there were many Sri Amanians. like really ramai...

so we blended well. from that small group, i was introduced to the rest of them. end up they thought i was a Sri Amanian too. hehehe.. i went to that level where i picked on all Assuntarian n hated them just like Sri Amanian too. hahaha.. klaka kalo difikirkan.

later, from that crampy hostel, we were moved to Kenari Court Apartment. its about 10mins away. the college had provided us lrt card to all their students. so we commute from Pandan Indah to Shamelin by train everyday.

Staying at Kenari Court was the best part in MSM! I got the greatest housemates ever! There were 8 of us. 5 of them were Sri Amanians! the legacy continues.. there were Ayin, Jaja, Syaz, Aishah and Comot(the sri amanians), Nina from TTDI, Ija from Kedah and me. We were true buddies. Be there thru thick and thin, good and bad.

Ayin was the most sewel gurl in d house. She's like our lil baby. She can do the unthinkable but somehow she can also take a very good care of herself. God.. its sooooooo funny if u recalled wat she did during that college time. Clubbing everynite, sneaked in and out, got high... hahahahaha....... ayin..ayin... She brings tooooooooo many good moments in dat house. she's so manja and always got everything she wants. We somehow felt obligated to make her happy. Semua sanggup buat apa jer for her. She's d one who started the sisters calling. Along, angah, kakchik etc. Lekat pulak tu sampai skrg.. we really loves her!

Last Thursday Ayin tied the knot. it's like wooooooooooo.. finally.......finally there's somebody who's gonna take care of her. she's in good hand now. marrying iskandar wud be one of the best choice of her life. we areeeeeeeeeeeee so happy for her...

the eve where ayin is officially Mrs Iskandar

Ayin, congratulations! Along loves you. I wish the best for your life. and yes, it was the sweetest wedding ever. everything is beautiful! especially the fresh flowers bouquet that you can find in that house! from the entrance to the hantaran. i love it.. really love it!

my favourite moment!

isnt she lovely?

finally gurl... felicitations!!!!!! muahsssssssss


p/s klik here if u wanna see how beautiful the wedding was. (^-^)

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