Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roma.. will u wait for me?

it's 335am already. half time buat game chelsea v barcelona. and why am i still not asleep? ntah. it's not my favorite game to watch. im not a chelsea nor barcelona fan. cuma suka lionel messi since he played from argentina lagi.

i have high hope for barcelona though. i hope they win tonite. after my journey to rome via emirates was crashed by the Devils, i became wary. fearing the devils can lift up UEFA's trophy! and no.. im not a gooners. im a Kopits!

but somehow lady luck had run out her charm. obviously we are not in the semi's.but what more painful ditambah rasa nyampah sgt bila tgk the devils yg riak nak mampus! one thing bout football, u can become true frenz or an enemy in spurs of moments.

im always trying my best to use brain instead emotion. but when it comes to the devils, u just seems lost it. sebab as i discovered, their fans are the most lunatic fanatic annoying fans. that's it! ive said it.

so, barce, my big hopes live in u! u gotta trash chelsea badly just like wat u did on real mardid. so in rome later we can hold our head high and can start firing missile againts the lunatics!

but as i truly belief, i shudnt be watchin this game. why? cause i believes that everytime i watched any games which my favorite team is playing, i always turned down by them .it's a jinx!

so, should i just leave hubby watching anor half of the game alone? naaaaaaaaaaaaa.... im true fighter! let's see how it ends?

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