Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Gurl is 4!

last saturday me and hubby decided to meet Baby Gurl @ Myra after quite stimes. its been hectic weekends for the past few weeks. so without further due we called Myra's parents to check out whether they are in town. thank God, they are around and had no plan. so to Pyramid we when.

well, Baby gurl is 4 months old already. she just had her qiqah's. the funniest part was Myra's had a hair cut which was done only half thru. hahaha.. the result, rambut dia senget skit. klakar betul. menurut kata parentsnya, Myra cranky that day and tak nak rambutnya dipotong. tu yg senget jadiknya. hehehe...

our meeting that eve jadik lagi riuh when Myra's Stalker aunt came her other stalker friends. mostly of them memang obsessed with Myra. who didnt?

well, we opt to try to this cafe named Pappa's. Its my 2nd time here. the foods were great actually. deebo had her dry mee and some fantastic drink, Honey Milk with longan. kata dia it cud helps to produce more milks for Myra. well, it taste nice actually. and as to the dry mee, she's not complaining. so i bet it's taste right too.

Myra's daddy ordered a curry mee and some lime juice. susah nak tau feedback ahtan sebab to him semua foods ok jer. in anor words, dia tak fussy lah. oklah tu. as to hubby, his nasi lemak had made his day. the are quite generous with the chicken rendang, and yes.. i loveeeeeeeeee the sambal. sedap lah!

since i am demn hungry, i ordered nasi goreng special with chic wings and fried eggs. dlm menu nampak cam gempakla. tapi presentation wise, tak best sgt la. but sthing new, they includes a bit of sambal and topped it with some curry gravy. and guess wat? i dooooooooooooooooooooo enjoyed it! and this compliments my drink for that day. soya cincau with gula melaka. slurrrp... sedap lah..

so we unanimously agreed that Pappas had good foods though it bit pricey. kalo awal bulan bole la buat perangai cam ni. tapi kalo dah ujung bulan.... takkot? hehehe...


dibitz said...

I LOVE THE HONEY MILK LONGAN!! NAK LAGI!!!! (siap CAPS tu maksudnye betul2 sedap la tu..)

debyG! said...

i bet u byk susu skrgkan dib? thanks to that HONEY MILK LONGAN? hehehe