Friday, May 15, 2009


i love to update myself with current news or development . tapi cukup tak gemar nak melihat sesuatu yg mempunyai agenda tersendiri aka yang cuba menarik perhation org. coz i know its fake! when its fake, u r x being sincere. everything u do ada sebab sendiri, which most of the time will benefit u alone. sometimes it's unnecessary pun.. tapi kalo dah memang attention seeker, u r really lack of affection! sorRy lah peeps..

right now i pun wonder what is my main objective when im socializing in net circle? am i sincere enuff in handling it? what is my main obj. FBing everyday? bukan i am no less than them ke kan?

the answer obviously nooooooooooooooooooooooo.... i can truly differentiate myself from those attention seeker. i need not update or scream to the whole world telling them what i am doing or gonna do soon. cause im already aware that the world doesnt care lot bout me. the world does not involving me alone. there's other important things in life to discuss. paling busuk pun there are issues of world hunger or HIV which todate has no cure!

so to all attention seeker. pls... do not waste my my time to go thru the newsfeed yg panjang lebar telling me what is your color personality, what Mafia type u are or... telling the whole world how filthy u are. u know why?????


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