Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Are The Champion!

remember when i said that i love this guy? he made it again! told u Barca needs him as their team mate. and better still, a captain. he's the mastermind of the nite. he caused chaos to the Red Devil's. he made Ronaldo became so wary. i can see how much Ronaldo hated him that nite..

the result is, we won that nite! we won it with full integrity with displaying good and skilfull manners with great tactics too!

he deserved it! his score was classic! just like Maradona did it, minus the hand act! he was superb!

Eto'o made it! his score at the minutes of 10, had gave big impact to the Red Devil. MU is not their match. Barca is more matured than the Devils, i guess?

all in all, im more than happy. Seiing Barca lifted the cup was the best feeling ever! U deserve it Boys!!!!!!!!!!!

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elysuhaili said...

aku sukak E'too.. aku tingat time dia main patu dia kena ejek sbb dia org asli.. patu dia sedih terus nak kuar padang.. patu sume team mate pujuk.. kesian gile..

congrats Barca! papi kata man u main xbesh so mmg patut pon barca menang.. aku cuma xleh terima kalu dorg kalah ngan english club aje.. hehehe dengki..