Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Makan pun dapat duit?

last friday nite, me, deebo, aisha and our spouses when out for late dinner at a brand new cafe named Island Red Cafe near Equine Park. this cafe was introduced by hubby's close frenz, Azan. the reason why we tried this cafe was merely because of the marketing scheme that was introduced by this cafe's co.

guess what? i was told by Azan that they had adapted Direct Selling Scheme in promoting this cafe. for all customers who joined as member they are given coupons depending on how much u willing to spend (not sure whether this is right or not). but each member are entitled to get some further discount when they had their meals here. on the top of that, each member are given some commission or allowances if they managed to recruit new other member. further than that, im not sure. :)

well, obviously we are not interested with the scheme whatsoever (though you can see most people who came into the cafe would definitely filled up the table with large no of people and you definitely wud see someone cud take in-charge explaining the MLM scheme).

as to foods wise, i definitely enjoyed their signature coffee (either hot or cold)! plus point given for its price. a glass of cold coffee was merely cost about rm2.70! that's even cheaper than Oldtown White Coffee. all of us had agreed that the coffee was great indeed. ;)

i even tried their Chicken Curry with Arab's Bread. well, there's nothing to shout about. i had to request for extra gravvy to enjoy my Arab's bread. it was so-so lah..

the y are not that generous. the curry comes with only HALF of arab's bread. tak syiok betui.

ahtan had ordered Bihun Tomyam (though initially he was reluctant to have bihun with the tomyam. the blurness of the waiter had forced him to accept the bihun tomyam instead tomyam alone...hehehehe). but as usual, when it comes to grading the food, ahtan is soooooooooo easy to please. he enjoyed his food definitely.. hehehehe...

the lovely couple are enjoying their food

As to Aisha, she had ordered herself a bowl of keow tiow sup and some Penang Lor Bak. forgetten to asked her how her food was? hahahhaa... but i did took a bite on the Lor Bak and ive tasted better. i guess its was overcooked and bit dry. whereas Wan ordered himself a big plate of chicken wings which end up eaten by Ahtan and hubby.. hahaha.. but the portion is quite big. 6 pieces of chicken wings cost only for RM12.00. not that bad huh?

the overcooked and dry Lor Bak

the hillarious couple. :p

well, we had good time dat nite. non stop laughing. though baby Myra is not around, we definitely miss her. uncle Wan had came all the way thot of meeting her that nite. hehhehe.. sian..

i wud definitely get the i-phone... soon..soon.. u wait there! hehehe

we wrapped up near 145am. lupa baby Myra is at home waiting for her parents.... pity her... ;)


elysuhaili said...

beshnye!!! hang tunggu la aku pindah sana!!!!

(sekalik aku duk situ ko plak duk tmpt lein.. cesss)

biqque said...

huih! len kali CUBA ajak skit :D

dibitz said...

kopi dia sedappp!!

i can see my hair is shedding real badly! nampak botak dah.. shittt!!!

supersonic_teeth said...

kepohchee kepohchee kepohchee is here!!! hahahaha. if baby myra ikut sekali i gigit dia je. semua makanan di menu i tolak tepi.