Friday, May 8, 2009


updates! last nite match was great. big blow to chelsea's fans. at minute yg ke 90, barca spelt his magic word. Barca scored 1 goal and that destroyed Chelsea's hope to fly to Rome end of this month. Cant hardly wait...

something good happened today. ive chose a path that might change my life in future. might take days, months or even years. tak pe kot. pelan2 kayuh. i just really hope i will keep this spirit alive. to be consistent and persistent. insya allah.. but for this moment, memang rasa nak jumping around. yes, leap of joy!

other than that, i feel so good that finally i managed to pull myself and remind me the joy of reading! rasanya dah lama sgt meninggalkan budaya membaca ni. lama sgt... so my visit to mph warehouse last week had give me great motivation to read. tuhari bought lotsaaaaaaaa of books like nobody business. everything was cheap! crazy cheap k? dalam kena berbudget, i managed to grab buku-buku yg memang dah laaaaama sgt tak terbeli-beli. dulu takde masa nak membaca, but now, rugi la kalo x membaca.

got to stop here. otherwise, i wudnt have time to read. got to continue my 'tuesdays with Morrie'. i wanna further be touched by it and learn greatest lesson of life's.

shall we?

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